Q: What happen to Cordsite?
A: I decided to close the business. It had nothing to do with sales, support, or the IRS. I didn’t even close the company for the lack of interest. It was more of maintaining the company website. I already maintain my personal website so why not just have it all it one place.

Q: What will happen to my website or email service?
A: Nothing, I am keeping the dedicated servers and your hosting accounts with no plans to close them. By moving (Closing) the business enables to put more time and money into providing you with better customer service and features. Instead of being your seller, supplier, or dealer I am simply your website hosting LandLord.

Q: Will my service change?
A: No, you will get the same (or better) support. No invoices or tacky business letter heads. Just a simple email stating your rental payments and when it’s due.

Q: Will you change anything else?
A: Maybe, Yes, and No. The everyday Controls you use won’t change. The logos on the cPanel will but really that is it. Your package/plan names have, but prices will stay the same.

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